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Christine’s Story – Coping as a Carer

Christine has been caring for her husband with Alzheimer’s for around 12 years although there were symptoms 15 years ago. This is his 6th year in full time care and he is now in the later stages of the disease during in lockdown. This is her story – it is full of hope even in difficult times.

Gordon served in the Royal Navy for 38 years completing his service as an Air Engineering Lt Commander. We met in Malta where I was serving in the WRNS. We married in 1964 and have two married daughters. One daughter is 50 with one Grandson who is nine, and our second daughter is 52 with three Grandchildren, twin boys of nine and an 11 year old Granddaughter.

Gordon’s Mother died when he was 10 and his Father died of Alzheimer’s when he was 59 so Gordon always felt he wouldn’t make 60. It was a huge bonus when he celebrated his 60th birthday! He was 80 last year and is still going strong for someone who has lived with this dreadful disease for such a long time.

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