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From APPG Dementia / Alzheimer's Society

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Workforce Matters Putting People Affected by Dementia at the Heart of CarePeople with dementia should be able to live the lives they wish to lead and this should not be restricted because they need to draw on social care. The APPG on Dementia has conducted an inquiry into how the social care workforce can enable this to happen, centred around the question: how can we build a social care workforce which supports people with dementia, and their families, live the lives they wish to lead? 

The Group was particularly interested in exploring the more specialist needs of people with dementia who draw on care, what the barriers are to them accessing this care, and to what extent people living with dementia can shape the care they receive.

The inquiry also investigated how those with dementia from underrepresented groups are supported in care, how technology and research can be used to support care staff in delivering more personalised care, and how the Government’s proposals on reforms to the social care workforce should support people with dementia.

As part of the inquiry, the APPG sought written evidence submissions, surveyed nearly 2,000 people affected by dementia, and held four oral evidence sessions.

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This report builds on previous work of the APPG published earlier this year.

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