Neuroscience – brain development, structure and function

Study the brain’s development, structure and function on this MSci Neuroscience degree. Discover the processes behind neurological disorders. You’ll explore subjects as diverse as biochemistry, neurophysiology, and neural circuits controlling behaviour. This master’s will open the door to scientific or clinically-related postgraduate research. It can also lead to a range of careers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

You’ll explore the foundations of biomedical sciences in year 1, then increase your neuroscience specialisation as you progress. Finally, in year 4 you’ll complete an individual research project to prepare you for a career in neuroscience or further study.

Knowledge of fundamental sciences will help you master this interdisciplinary subject. Your work will be supported by lectures and seminars on the latest research topics and techniques, and delivered by leading researchers.

You’ll study in the Life Sciences building, a state-of-the-art laboratory, teaching and research space. It’s designed to support cross-disciplinary work in biological sciences and related disciplines.

As part of your degree you can:

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