Catch-up – Harnessing music for health & wellbeing by Dr Lillian Hung

Hosted by Adam Smith

This webinar is delivered by Dr Lillian Hung, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia and Vancouver General Hospital. It was recorded on the 6th May 2020.

In this Webinar, Lillian presents her recent research into use of ‘Silent Disco’ headphones with older adults with dementia staying in a geriatric hospital unit. Employing a video-ethnographic design, including conversational interviews and observations, we find out how this technology helped people, and if this could be used to deliver music and meditation therapy.

With a background in Nursing, Lillian’s research focuses on examining how technology and environment impact the care experiences of persons with dementia. Her research is practice-based and patient-oriented. She is committed to facilitating connectivity between academia and practice, working collaboratively with interprofessional practitioners to find practical solutions to address pressing problems in care settings. Her recent projects includes: social robot, iPad project, and silent headphones.

Hosted by Adam Smith, Programme Director at the Office of the NIHR National Director for Dementia Research, University College London.

If you would like to present your own lecture drop us a line to dementiaresearcher@ucl.ac.uk

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