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Dr Adeel Razi


Dr Adeel Razi

Job Title:

Senior Research Associate

Place of work / study:

Associate Professor & NHMRC Investigator (Emerging Leadership)
CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar, Brain, Mind & Consciousness program
Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health
Monash University

Area of Research:

Computational Dementia

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am an Electrical Engineer turned Neuroscientist who has studied and trained in Pakistan (B.E.), Germany (M.Sc.), Australia (Ph.D.) and now UK (postDoc). I am interested in understanding how different brain regions talk to each other and how this communications breaks down in the face of a neurological insult. My work takes a computational route to understand basic disease mechanisms by which pathogenic proteins produce large-scale neural network changes and damages.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I am father of 3 year old twin boys – lots of work but fun!

Why did you choose to work in dementia?

I didn’t really choose it. I was looking for something new back in 2012 after finishing my PhD in Electrical Engineering which had nothing to do with Neuroscience. I always believed in giving back to the society and when got an opportunity to work on an exciting project on Huntington’s disease, I took a dive. It has been a great fun and very fulfilling journey not only in terms of learning new skills and broadening my expertise but also in terms of personal satisfaction that I am contributing to find a cure for people with a debilitating disease.

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