Catch Up with the ‘Reimagine Research Culture Festival’

From Wellcome Trust

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Last month the Wellcome Trust hosted its ‘Reminagine Research Culture Festival’, over the week we heard so many brilliant ideas for change from people right across the sector, as well as plenty of examples of how people are already turning the tide. 

If you missed the event, don’t worry, all the content is now available for you to catch-up Below are videos from the event, and a link to all the details:

Learning from others

Academic research isn’t alone in pushing for a healthier working culture. We heard from a range of organisations about how they’re making progress happen.

How can we better reward teamwork in research?

If we want to encourage collaboration, we need to incentivise it. Our panel shared ideas about how we can centre teamwork in research culture.

How can we continually improve workplace culture?

We know that change won’t happen overnight. Our panellists explored how we can all make culture change an essential part of our everyday work.

What’s next?

As Anjali Shah brilliantly put it during a panel on continuous improvement: saying “let’s get more data” isn’t enough. It’s time to start doing things.

Wellcome ended the festival week by launching a new diversity, equity and inclusion strategy. They have committed to making real change – in they employ staff, fund researchers, and in how people benefit from the research they support.

Since then, they have also announced three new schemes for discovery research, which put culture at the heart of their funding. Wellcome Trust wants to support research that contributes to a healthy, inclusive working environment for everyone.

But Wellcome is only one piece of the puzzle. Transforming culture will take us all working together – so let’s keep moving forward.


For me, one of the most thought-provoking parts of the festival was hearing reactions from people all over the world. It was fascinating to learn which ideas resonated with you, and why – as well as so many new insights.

The festival might be over, but the movement to build a healthier research culture isn’t going anywhere. Keep up with the conversation online using the hashtag #ReimagineResearch.


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