How to create the perfect background bookshelf

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Mica Murphy Penguin Bookcase

Michael Gove hit the headlines on Monday. Not for his policies, but for his bookshelf: when his wife, jounalist Sarah Vine, shared a snap of their shelves on Twitter, critiques were swiftly launched. 

Of course, this was only the latest bookshelf from a prominent home to be scrutinised online. If I’ve learned anything from The Golden Age of Zoom, it’s that the eyes aren’t the window to a person’s soul; their bookshelf is.

How many times have you ‘jumped on a Zoom call’ with a friend or colleague recently only to miss most of what they were saying because you couldn’t take your eyes off the spines behind their head?

Never have our homes – or at least the small rectangle of we choose to make a backdrop for video calls – come under more scrutiny. So since many of us are going to be playing this game for a while, it seems fair to ask: how do you win it?

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