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Preparing for Disease Modifying Therapies for Dementia

Preparing for Disease Modifying Therapies for Dementia: implications for research, trials and clinical services.

The Dementia Research Centre at Queen Square Institute of Neurology hosted this seminar on the 27th of April 2023 from the Kennedy Lecture Theatre. Watch the recording to catch-up on what you missed

The results of recent clinical trials suggest that we are on the cusp of a new era in Alzheimer’s disease therapeutics and may soon have drugs that can both impact on the fundamental biology of the disease, and slow functional decline for patients. However, this comes with considerable costs and logistical challenges for delivery and safety monitoring within the NHS; and will have implications for research and future clinical trials.

This symposium brings together clinicians, industry representatives, regulators, patients, and charities to consider the opportunities and the challenges ahead, through a series of talks, interactive round table discussions, and audience participation, led by a faculty of international experts from UCL and the USA.

The event was free to attend, but we encourage people watching to consider making a donation to The National Brain Appeal:

Chapters / Programme

00:02:27 – Introduction – Professor Jonathan Schott

00:06:01 – The long journey of amyloid immunotherapies, What have we learnt, and what are the unanswered questions? – Professor Nick Fox

00:23:00 – Research & trial implications, What does this mean for future trials, and for observational studies? – Professor Frederik Barkhof

00:41:03 – Implication for research & clinical trials – Professor Frederik Barkhof, Professor Nick Fox, Dr Catherine Mummery, Hilary Evans

01:17:32 – Break

01:49:09 – Patient experience, What is it like to be in a trial? What were the effects, challenges, benefits? – Rachel, Steven & Professor Jonathan Schott

02:02:49 – Implications for clinical services in the UK. Current capabilities & future needs, diagnosis, delivery, monitoring, biomarker & imaging requirements – Dr Catherine Mummery

02:19:44 – The US experience. What is being done in the US? What are the questions being asked? Dr Jonathan Graff-Radford

02:32:00 – Lessons from another neuro DMT, The MS experience. How were DMTs introduced? Where and how fast? How did services have to change? – Dr Heather Wilson

02:49:21 – Implications for clinical services – Dr Jonathan Graff-Radford, Dr Heather Wilson, Dr Catherine Mummery, Professor Jonathan Schott, Professor Frederik Barkhof

03:23:00 – Implications for care & support, current situation. What will this mean for patients? Professor Sebastian Crutch, Professor Jonathan Schott, Kate Lee, Professor Gill Livingston, Rachel & Husband

03:53:49 – Closing remarks – Professor Nick Fox

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