Podcast – Collaborations and Qualitative Research in Dementia

What’s possible when a group of creative, motivated, self-driven qualitative researchers find each other?

Only time will tell, but if the first meeting of this group is anything to go by, you can expect some quality outputs, which add real value and helping living with dementia.

Dr Jemima Dooley (University of Bristol), Dr Sarah Griffiths, (University of Plymouth) and Anna Volkmer (University College London) work in the field of language and communications, an area which can be particularly challenging for people living with dementia. After become aware of each others work through social media, conferences and publications; they decided to come collaborate and invite others to join in.

Adam Smith joined the groups inaugural meeting, and in this podcast he talks with Jemima and Sarah to understand how the meeting came about, what they hope to achieve and what comes next.

We hope that by sharing this story, we can encourage others across the UK and the rest of the world to come together to and make a breakthroughs possible (to quote great the ARUK strapline).

A blog by Anna Volkmer, sharing her take on the meeting is available here: https://www.dementiaresearcher.nihr.ac.uk/guest-blog-meeting-of-minds-qualitative-research-in-dementia/

A full transcript of this podcast is available for download here.

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