Podcast – Dementia and risk enablement in NHS and Social Care settings (Functional Objects and Mobility)

This week Megan is talking to Dr Pippa Collins and Kellyn Lee, both Early Career Researchers working at the University of Southampton, and the University Hospital. Pippa and Kellyn talk about their research in two different but connected areas:

Firstly the importance of functional objectives (hairdryers, beard trimmer, carpet sweeper) in maintaining and supporting the cultivation of identity. How these ‘objects’ can make it possible for people to engage in everyday activities, providing a sense of fulfilment and purpose. Accepting this, how do / can nursing homes and hospitals accommodate this, and what is the value?

Coming on to another important topic… Immobility is common for people with a dementia whilst they are inpatients in an acute hospital. This is often due to a culture of restraint and restriction and because care is task orientated and not centred on the individual needs of the person. Consequently a significant proportion of people are discharged more physically and cognitively dependent than they were prior to admission. However this immobility of the person is juxtapositioned with the intense activity, movement and noise that is present on an acute medical unit. We discuss new research exploring this juxtaposition, using video recordings of conversations with people with dementia whilst they are inpatients on an acute medical unit – how can hospitals enable mobility.

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