Profile – Dr Pippa Collins

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Dr Pippa Collins

Job Title:

Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow and Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Place of work / study:

University of Southampton / University Hospital Southampton

Area of research:

Dementia care

How is your work currently funded:

Alzheimer’s Society / University/Hospital

Tell us a little about yourself:            

I live in Bournemouth with my 2 teenagers and our 3 legged dog. I love to sail, kayak, and be in and by the sea. I am a physiotherapist by background and currently work as an ACP in frailty developing frailty pathways within UHS

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:           

I once got blasted off my moped in Skiathos because I stopped to watch a plane take off, watched as it taxied towards me, watched as it turned around and then flew across the road and into the sea as the pilot opened the throttle. That was hot!!

Why did you choose to work in dementia?

I have worked for years clinically with people affected by dementia both in hospitals and in the community. I am saddened by the lack of knowledge that we in healthcare have; how systems have been designed without their users in mind; how people are not listened too  and how the rights of people with dementia are not being upheld.


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