Podcast – Language And Communication In The Dementias – Sydney

Today we are talking about Language and Communication in Dementia – two part of a global special (find part two here), where we catch up with people from both sides of the globe tackling the same challenges!

Communication impairment will affect people with dementia at some stage of the course of the disease. Such an impairment can have devastating effects on the person with dementia themselves but also on those who care about and for them. And for people with primary progressive aphasia (PPA) gradual and insidious deterioration of the ability to communicate profoundly affects their lives and that of their partners. How are researchers in Australia and the UK working to help patients and their carers improve and deal with these life changes challenges… on top of everything else the disease brings?

Adam Smith, is recording on location, from the The University of Sydney Susan Wakil School of Nursing and Midwifery, talking to Luisa Krein, from University of Sydney and Cathy Taylor-Rubin from Macquarie University, both at PhD Students and jobbing clinicians working in Speech and Language Pathology.

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