Podcast – Neighbourhoods, Dementia & Co-creation to put research into action

Hosted by Adam Smith

This week Adam Smith is at the University of Manchester to talk with a research team who over the last 5-years has been working collaboratively with people living with dementia and family carers on a study focusing on Neighbourhoods and Dementia.

This weeks panel has Dr Sarah Campbell a Research Associate at the University of Manchester, Professor Andrew Clark from the University of Salford and expert through experience Maria Walsh as Co-researcher and Study Adviser.

In this podcast we discuss how researchers and study participants worked together to find innovative and meaningful ways to disseminate the findings from their research. Ensuring that what they learnt really was put into practice and shared with those who would benefit, and how co-production took them down the path of zines.

You can find the zines mentioned in the podcast here.

The designer who produced the amazing graphics for this study has also written a blog for us, which you will find here on our website.

A full transcript of this podcast is available for download here.

About the study:

The Neighbourhoods and Dementia study was funded in the UK under the first Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia in 2012.

The eight work programmes were framed around people, spaces and places and had the following overarching aims:

1. To address the meanings, experiences, and structure of neighbourhoods for people living with dementia, their care partners and other in-contact-groups and individuals.

2. To learn from the process and praxis of making people living with dementia and their care partners core to the research agenda.

3. To encourage innovative technological advances in dementia studies and in the development of a neighbourhood model of dementia.

4. To build capacity within the research community and the networks of people living with dementia and their care partners.

5. To develop the evidence base, methods and measures for understanding the significance of neighbourhoods for people living with dementia and their care partners.

6. To create, test and evaluate interventions that are pertinent to a neighbourhood model of dementia.

You can find out about this study and all the outcomes on their website.

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