Podcast – Time for Dementia Study

Rewards and challenges of researching, developing and implementing undergraduate dementia education for healthcare professionals

Time for Dementia is an exciting, innovative and award-winning educational programme. Funded by Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex it provides undergraduate healthcare professionals with on-going, regular contact with a person with dementia and their carer, designed to create a new generation of healthcare professionals who are more aware and understanding of dementia

Due to the success of the programme, Time for Dementia has been embedded as a mandatory part of the curriculum for 1st year nursing and paramedics students at the University of Surrey and 2nd year medical students @ Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

In this podcast Dr Lakshini Mendis welcomes three guests to discuss the programme and its success:

Dr Stephanie Daley, a clinical research fellow at the centre for dementia studies at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School – Stephanie works at the programme and evaluation lead for Time for Dementia programme

Gina Sherlock, a research assistant on the Time for Dementia programme also at the centre for dementia studies

Ellen Jones, a carer for her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia 9 years ago. Ellen and her mother were amongst the 1st cohort of families to be involved in Time for Dementia.

If you know a family who might be interested in taking part in Time for Dementia, please contact the following number or email address for more information

Telephone: 07713 779582

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