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Dr Agustin Ibanez Profile Picture

Dr Agustin Ibanez


Dr Agustin Ibanez

Job title:

Director, Latin American Brain Health Institute (BrainLat), Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, and Group Leader, Predictive Brain Health Modelling group Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI)

Place of work / study:

Global Brain Health Institute, Trinity College Dublin

Area of Research:

Brain Health, Dementia, diversity.

How is your work funded?

Global Brain Health Institute / NIH NIA R01 AG057234, NIH-NIA R01 AG075775 (forthcoming), CARDS-NIH (forthcoming) Alzheimer’s Association SG-20-725707, Rainwater Charitable Foundation/Tau consortium Takeda CW2680521 R-202203-2023090, Alector, Bluefield (forthcoming), BrainLat Funding, FONCYT-PICT 2017-1818 and 2017-1820, ANID/FONDAP 15150012, ANID/FONDECYT Regular 1210195 and 1210176 and 1220995, ANID/PIA/ANILLOS ACT210096, FONDEF ID20I10152, ID22I10029, Atlantic Institute, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation and Target ALS, CONICET, Sistema General de Regalias (BPIN2018000100059)

Tell us a little about yourself:

Agustin Ibanez is a neuroscientist interested in global approaches to dementia and social, cognitive, and affective neuroscience. He is the Director of Latin American Brain Health Institute (BrainLat) at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI). Also, He holds international positions from the USA/Ireland [Senior Atlantic Fellow, Global Brain Health Institute-GBHI-University of California San Francisco and Trinity College Dublin)] and Argentina [Cognitive Neuroscience Center]. Agustin has a track record with +120 publications in the last five years, including top-ten journals (e.g., Lancet Neurology, World Psychiatry, Nature Reviews Neurology, Nature Human Behavior, JAMA Neurology, Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Brain). He has received funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), ANID (Chile), COLCIENCIAS (Colombia), DAAD (Germany), MRC (United Kingdom), CONICET (Argentina) and Alzheimer’s Association, Tau Consortium, GBHI, Takeda, and NIH/NIA (USA).

He is the founder of the critical regional initiatives, such as the Multi-partner consortium to expand dementia research in Latin America (ReDLat) and the Latin American and Caribbean Consortium on Dementia (LAC-CD). His work has been highlighted in the BBC, Nature, Nature News, Discovery Channel, Popular Science, Daily Mail, Newsweek, Le Monde, and Oxford University Press, among others.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I am a frustrated guitarrist.

Why did you choose to work in dementia?

Having witnessed my father lose his identity as he suffered from dementia without adequate care, being a non-native English speaker from the scientific periphery, and spending my life studying underrepresented populations has provided me with a singular perspective on the barriers and opportunities needed to develop a systematic and global fight against brain health diseases.

What single piece of advice would you give to an early career researcher?

Dream big and dream together.

What book are you reading right now? Would you recommend it?

Now: none; Recommended: Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche

Can we find you on Twitter & Instagram?

Follow @dr.agustinibanez on Instagram

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