Using Consumer Data in Research


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This is the first in a series of three short videos from Dr Nick Bearman exploring using consumer data in research. This video introduces the subject, looking at what consumer data is, how it might be collected, available sources of data, and what they might be used for.

In this second video looking at using consumer data in research, Dr Nick Bearman explores what can be done with consumer research. Provides examples of why it can be a useful data resource and explains how digital the traces that we leave in our everyday lives can be analysed.

In the third and final video in this series on using consumer data in research, Dr Nick Bearman explores the skills that are needed to make the best use of consumer data and research and provides examples of what can be achieved using this method.


Nick Bearman

Nick Bearman

Data Services Manager



Nick works as Data Services Manager at the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) where he helps users access the data sets the CDRC holds and works with data partners to add more data sets to CDRC’s service. He uses his technical skills with GIS to explore and analyse spatial data using different methods applied to a variety of different applications. He is passionate about GIS and spatial skills both as a tool to solve problems and as a vital skill to be taught to anyone who uses spatial data to make decisions. He is a Chartered Geographer (GIS) and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Authority.

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