Alexa, do science! Voice-activated assistants hit the lab

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Funsho Fakuade has spent a lot of time in the dark. As a PhD student studying ion channels and cardiac arrhythmia’s at Georg August University in Göttingen, Germany. His work typically involves measuring the electrical output and fluorescence intensity of cells under a microscope. But because such measurements must be made in darkness, he needed to document his experiments in the dim glow of a computer monitor. Often, he wrote nothing at all.

“I had to prioritise the information I wrote,” Fakuade says. “It’s one thing to be looking at the screen to look at [cellular] changes, and another thing to be trying to strain your eyes to write something down.”

Then, in early 2019, team members from Berlin-based company LabTwin visited the university, looking for researchers to test-drive its voice-based note-taking system. Fakuade volunteered.

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