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Ask Your Mentor Podcast – Professor Patrick Lewis

With Alzheimer's Research UK

Ask Your Mentor, a new podcast from Dementia Researcher, in association with Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK). Mentees interviewing their mentors, talking careers, lessons learned and what they’ve discovered, that could help you forge a successful career in dementia research.

In this podcast Dr Chris Henstridge, Principle Investigator from University of Dundee interviews his mentor Patrick Lewis, Professor of Neuroscience at the Royal Veterinary College at University of London.

Chris grew up on the far north coast of Scotland and this beautiful location instilled his interest in nature and biology. He completed his PhD in Dundee and the city has been an important part of his life ever since, and in 2020 he established his lab there. Chris has always enjoyed travelling and spent 4 years living and working in Budapest, as a PostDoc. He has a very supportive wife and two young kids and they’re soon to add a dog to the mix. If his daughter gets her way, the dog will be named after her favourite kids TV character, Makka Pakka! Chris enjoys the challenges of an academic career, and he tries hard to ensure that my career runs on his terms.

Patrick moved around in neurodegeneration research quite a bit, starting off investigating Alzheimer’s disease before doing a PhD on prion diseases, then moving into Parkinson’s research (which is where most, but not all, of his current interests lie). And now he is based at a veterinary college, which has provided him with a very different perspective on looking at neurodegeneration.

Find our more about ARUK and their mentoring programme.

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