Catch-up – NEURACLIN 2022 Dealing with Dementia

NEURACLIN 2022 took place online on the 17th January 2022, organised by Dr Steven Poulter and Professor Colin Lever (Department of Psychology, Durham University, UK). This conference brought together together 13 world-leading academics and clinicians to talk about their work.

Schedule: 00:00 Welcome address by Dr Steven Poulter and Prof Colin Lever


04:23 Keynote: Dr Dennis Chan

44:42 Prof Nikolai Axmacher

1:04:04 Dr Gillian Coughlan

1:28:19 Dr Ríona McArdle

Brain Circuit Mechanisms

1:50:36 Keynote: Prof Karen Duff

2:28:22 Dr Kei Igarashi

2:50:35 Prof Andrew Trevelyan

3:19:25 Prof Peyman Golshani

3:42:30 Dr Conceição Battencourt

Dementia Care & Intervention

4:05:20 Keynote: Prof Dame Louise Robinson

4:36:37 Prof Dawn Brooker MBE

5:02:38 Prof Claudia Cooper

5:25:21 Prof Eneida Mioshi

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