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Confused About the DIAN-TU Trial Data? Experts Discuss

From the Alz Forum

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At the virtual AAT-AD/PD Focus meeting held April 1 to 5, clinicians and funders involved in the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer’s Network Trials Unit (DIAN-TU) fired up their home computers to discuss results from the first DIAN-TU treatment and prevention trial of Eli Lilly’s monoclonal antibody solanezumab, and Roche’s gantenerumab.

DIAN-TU’s principal investigator, Randall Bateman of Washington University, St. Louis, had presented topline data analyses of the primary outcome, which was head-scratchingly negative. He also presented the first analyses of several of the trial’s biomarker measures, which were robustly positive (for a summary, see Apr 2020 conference news). What does it all mean? Should a trial this small and heterogeneous not have aimed for a Phase 3 cognitive outcome? What’s to be learned? Below are excerpts from this conversation, edited for brevity and clarity.

Read the full details here on the Alz forum Website – https://www.alzforum.org/news/conference-coverage/confused-about-dian-tu-trial-data-experts-discuss

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