Delivering the Dementia Moonshot: A plan to find life-changing treatments

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Delivering the Dementia Moonshot: A plan to find life-changing treatments

Alzheimer’s Research UK report

Full report ‘Delivering the Dementia Moonshot: A plan to find life-changing treatments’

As you may know, the Conservative election manifesto committed to double funding for dementia research under a ‘Dementia Moonshot’ with the ambition of finding a cure for dementia.

Our report highlights the critical areas where we urgently require further research investment, so scientists can accelerate progress towards life-changing treatments for dementia and successfully deliver the government’s Moonshot ambition.

The priority areas for investment set out in our report are:

1.      Find ways to detect the diseases that cause dementia 10-15 years earlier. Earlier detection will enable us to broaden the search for new treatments and intervene with those most at risk of developing dementia

2.      Establish a ‘Dementia Translational Medicines Accelerator’, a fund dedicated to testing the promise of drugs in very early clinical trials for dementia, which will help us to better predict whether emerging medicines will be successful at later stages of clinical trials

3.      Invest in dementia research infrastructure that brings together existing research cohorts (including people registered with Join Dementia Research and Dementia Platforms UK data) to establish a single enriched “trial  ready” cohort including information on a baseline of key tractable biomarkers.

Investment in these areas will:

1.      Revolutionise research progress towards life-changing treatments to help transform the lives of people affected by dementia

2.      Strengthen the UK’s position as a global leader in dementia research, thereby attracting research investment from global philanthropists and industry, and capitalising on the emerging healthcare technology sector.

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