Dementia Clinical Trial Recruitment & Retention

This session was recorded during the 2023 Alzheimer Europe Conference in Helsinki and online.

As we stand on the threshold of significant advancements in dementia research, the critical role of clinical trials in this journey cannot be overstated. The successful recruitment and retention of participants in these trials are foundational to our progress, yet they present a complex array of challenges that demand innovative solutions and collaborative efforts. This collection of talks brings together leading experts and innovators from various fields to shed light on the multifaceted challenges of engaging participants for dementia clinical trials and the strategies that promise to improve this crucial aspect of research.

  • Introductory comments by Chairperson: Sasha Bozeat (Switzerland)
  • Thais Lorenzo (Spain): Enhancing participant adherence to a multidomain lifestyle intervention for preventing cognitive decline: Insights from the PENSA study
  • Victoria Shepherd (United Kingdom): Improving the inclusion of people with impaired capacity to consent in dementia clinical trials: the development of interventions to support inclusivity
  • Sarah Griffiths (United Kingdom): Inclusion of people living with dementia in research: findings from the PriDem feasibility study
  • Ana Perez (Norway): Classifications of MCI and its potential selection- bias in an AI-based modelling

Find more recordings from the event on the Alzheimer Europe YouTube Channel

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