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Podcast – Discussing the MARQUE Study – Managing Agitation in Dementia

For many years people with dementia have been prescribed anti-psychotic drugs to manage challenging behaviours and agitation. Even today the reliance on this medication is too high, however, attitudes have changed, and over the past 5 years or more there had been a drive to reduce the use of these medications.

However, that left the question of ‘what’s the alternative’ this is where studies like MARQUE are so vitally important.

In this podcast Dr Megan O’Hare talks to Francesca La Frenais, and Dr Penny Rapaport from the Division of Psychiatry at UCL talk about the MARQUE Study, and how their work is helping us to understand what causes agitation and how the interventions tested in this study are improving quality of life for those living with dementia, and helping carers.


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