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Webinar Catch-up – Measuring fidelity of delivery of, and engagement with, dementia interventions by Dr Holly Walton

Hosted by Adam Smith

In this webinar, Dr Holly Walton, Research Fellow from the Department of Applied Health Research at University College London discussed the focus of her PhD.

Psychological and social interventions which aim to help people with dementia to live independently are often developed and evaluated. It is not always clear whether these interventions are delivered as planned by providers (called ‘fidelity of delivery’), or engaged with by participants. To understand if the planned intervention is responsible for intervention outcomes, we need to understand how it is delivered and engaged with. In this Webinar, Holly discusses why fidelity of delivery and engagement are important when evaluating psychosocial interventions for dementia. She also gives examples of how to measure fidelity of delivery and engagement, using examples from my PhD research and shares what she found in her PhD research (from two dementia interventions).

First broadcast on Monday 6th April 2020, hosted by Adam Smith, Programme Director at the Office of the NIHR National Director for Dementia Research, University College London.

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