Morgan Daniel Twitter Takeover – Tuesday 20th October


Over the next 12 months, NIHR Dementia Researcher is following Morgan Daniel as she studies for her Dementia MSc at University College London.

Morgan is blogging, podcasting and occasionally taking over our twitter feed to share news from her studies and life, documenting the hi’s and lows’, with tips for others who are considering post-graduate studies.

Morgan’s first Twitter Takeover will take place on Tuesday 20th October. Follow our twitter feed and post your questions, as Morgan shows us what a typical day is like for someone studying for their Dementia & Neuroscience MSc at University College London (under new social distancing conditions).

In 2017 there were approximately 26,300 cancer researchers in the UK, compared to 6,100 working in dementia (link to statistics from Alzheimer’s Research UK website) – further funding is required, but also the people to make use of funding. One of the core aims of NIHR Dementia Researcher is to inspire people to consider working in dementia research, we hope that through this partnership, we can support others to know that they are not alone, inspire students to complete their studies and encourage young people to consider dementia research as their career.

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