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Free Nature TrainingThis month, we are bringing you a number of free courses. The online based tutorials are especially designed for authors and researchers, as well as for the different roles they may choose to take on in their career, such as being a peer reviewer. The aim is to help you learn more about certain areas, build on your existing knowledge and further advance your expertise as well as boost the chances of your research being published in the journal of your choice!

The blogs in the newsletter are your starting guides on the topic at hand, providing you with the essential information you need to build a foundation for each subject, with the online courses- listed at the end of each blog, offering you a deep dive on topics.

In our “Writing a manuscript and mastering abstracts” course, we look at the overall structure that you should follow in presenting your article, and we focus on the abstract—one of the most important sections that can help your article get attention. Meanwhile, a good first step for non-native English speakers that may wish to explore writing and publishing their work in English, would be the course “Writing your manuscript in English”.

Equally important are the steps authors take post manuscript completion and specifically when they are preparing to submit their manuscript; our course “How to submit a journal article” will help you greatly improve your acceptance chances and getting your work published in your desired outlet.

Research integrity is another area we cover; an essential topic to master in order for your research to withstand the test of time, become a building block for future research, and achieve verifiability and transparency. “All about research integrity: a beginner’s guide & an in-depth course”, covers areas such as study design, publication ethics, data integrity, clinical trial ethics, and more.

Finally, if you are looking for ways to give back to the scientific community through your expertise, and contribute to the making of robust and sound research by supporting your peers, our “How to peer review” course brought to you by Nature Masterclasses, is just the place to start. You can also listen to the Dementia Researcher Podcast on the same topic – How to be a great peer reviewer.

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