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Plugging the leaky pipeline for UK female chemists

The Royal Society of Chemistry has a plan to boost retention and promotion of female academic researchers.

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The eminent Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in Cambridge, an association for chemical researchers in the United Kingdom, aims to plug the ‘leaky pipeline’ of women in academia. Compared with other scientific disciplines, this is a particular problem in chemistry. The society’s plan is to help more female chemists to remain in the enterprise and to progress to senior positions.

In its Breaking the Barriers report, published last week, the RSC says that female chemical scientists tend to leave academia at early-career stages — and that those who remain do not ascend to senior grades in the same proportion as their male counterparts. Women comprise just 9% of UK chemistry professors, meaning that after undergraduate level, the relative proportion of female chemists drops by 35 percentage points, according to a RSC diversity report released earlier this year.

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