Podcast – Blogs 2021, Reading in to the Science

Hosted by Adam Smith

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We’re finishing the year with 5 special themed podcasts sharing some of the narrated blogs we’ve published throughout the year, introduced by Adam Smith.

This week we’ll be covering some amazing science and care and psychosocial research, exploring public engagement and with the rise of omicron we’ll go back to earlier in the year to learn some lessons from previous lockdowns and think about wellbeing and resilience.

Today, we’ve selected four blogs which share some of the amazing knowledge held in the heads of our bloggers who are based in the lab, exploring some science and biology.

Dr Christina Toomey, Senior Researcher at University Collect London narrates her blog titled “How does a Brain Bank Work”.

Dr Sam Moxon, Research Associate from The University of Manchester explores “Tissue Stiffness an overlooked Aspect of Dementia?”.

Dr Yvonne Couch, Associate Professoer & ARUK Fellow at University of Oxford reads her blog titled “The Hunt for Tiny Messengers”.

Dr Kamar Ameen-Ali, Research Assoicate at University of Glasgow shares her work, and explores a hot topic in this blog “Why does Brain Injury Increase the Risk of Dementia”.

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This podcast is brought to you in association with Alzheimer’s Research UK and Alzheimer’s Society, who we thank for their ongoing support.

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