Profile – Dr Aoife Kiely

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Dr Aoife Kiely

Job Title:

Research Communications Officer

Place of work / study:

UK Dementia Research Institute

Area of Research:

Alzheimer’s / dementia / neurodegeneration            

Tell us a little about yourself:

Before joining Alzheimer’s Society I worked as a post-doc at UCL at Queen Square Brain Bank. My research focused on a condition similar to Parkinson’s disease called multiple system atrophy. Before that I did my Ph.D. in UCC in Ireland on the biochemistry of Alzheimer’s.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I used to sing backup vocals in a reggae band, we toured Irish festivals and were very mildly successful…

Why did you choose to work in dementia:

Like any neuroscientist will tell you I grew up being fascinated by science, then the brain, then how the brain works. At university I was excited to learn about how the brain grows and develops. Dementia and the damage to and loss of neurons that it causes seems like such a solvable puzzle. I’m confident that we will get there someday soon, although I learned after years of post-docing that I no longer wanted to be the person seeking the cure. I decided I was better at supporting researchers and communicating science to the public. Giving people the ability to understand the devastation condition that is affecting them and their family is really important to me. I think it is vital that the public have dependable ways of accessing science so they can see through all the fake news and pressure the government to support research.

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