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Dr Clare Shaw

Job Title:

Join Dementia Research Delivery Manager

Place of work / study:

NIHR Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre

How is your work funded?

Department of Health and Social Care

Tell us a little about yourself:            

I manage  the ongoing development and management of the JDR portfolio of dementia studies. A large part of my role is to maximise the use of the national and LCRN infrastructure to deliver the JDR portfolio of studies, working closely with the researcher to increase the JDR portfolio. The JDR delivery team performance manages the JDR database with a specific focus on improving the performance of using the JDR system.

I was previously the Clinical Trial Network Manager at Myeloma UK and before that was the Industry Alliance Manager at NIHR CRN Cancer.  I have significant experience of commercial and academic clinical research to the role, gained through positions in contract research organisations, the pharmaceutical industry and within Universities.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:           

My family say I am not funny!

Why did you choose to work in dementia?

It choose me. I have over the year work in dementia related areas.  I love it and it is really rewarding.

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