Podcast – Quality of Life After a Dementia Diagnosis

Hosted by Dr Megan O'Hare

This week’s podcast was recorded at the Centre for Dementia Studies at the University of Sussex. Megan O’Hare is joined by Dr Ben Hicks and Dr Laura Hughes to discuss broadly the themes of inequalities in dementia care and quality of life and specifically look at the DeterMIND programme.

Evidence has emerged of major inequalities in care for dementia, driven by factors including ethnicity, whether your care is self-funded or paid for by local authorities and whether you are diagnosed earlier or later. DeterMIND is designed to address critical, fundamental and as yet unanswered questions about inequalities, outcomes and costs following diagnosis with dementia. These answers are needed to improve the quality of care and therefore the quality of life.

Join the podcast to hear an interesting discussion on the benefits and perceived downsides of an early diagnosis, results from Ben’s PhD work on how different populations manage a clinical diagnosis and the way care homes can enhance the quality of life for people with dementia.

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A full transcript of this podcast is available for download here.

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