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Rhian Convery


Rhian Convery

Job title:

PhD Student

Place of work / study:

Dementia Research Centre, University College London

Area of Research:

Digital biomarkers

How is your work funded?

National Brain Appeal

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am originally from Preston but I have lived in London for almost 7 years. I have worked at the Dementia Research Centre for 5 of those years, initially as a research assistant before starting my PhD. I am now in the final year of my studies, investigating digital biomarkers of Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) with particular focus on validating digital cognitive assessments that can be used as outcome measures in clinical trials. I also help to coordinate the Early Detection of FTD (EDoF) initiative, which aims to develop a set of digital tools that can be used for early diagnosis and home monitoring.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I love rugby! I’ve watched it from a young age and even play tag rugby socially with my friends.

Why did you choose to work in dementia?

From a young age I enjoyed studying science, and decided I wanted to pursue it as a career. When I started studying Psychology at university I became increasingly interested in the biological mechanisms of the brain, and started to explore the idea of studying a masters in Neuroscience.

What single piece of advice would you give to an early career researcher?

If you are lucky to work in a multidisciplinary team, then I recommend getting involved in as many different projects as possible to broaden your skills and knowledge base.

What book are you reading right now? Would you recommend it?

A thousand splendid suns (Khaled Hosseini) – Yes, it’s a brilliant book!

Can we find you on Twitter & Instagram?

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