Podcast – Research outside the NHS setting

Research occurs in a range of arenas, and places not all of which are clinical, or in an NHS setting. Sometimes the research itself may be about the environmental or geographical setting, or the care and impact by that place. Or it may just be the best and easiest way and best to engage with the participants are involved in the study. We know that dementia research is changing. Care, support, activity and environment are finally getting the much needed profile, and being seen as important as new drugs and other areas of science.

This means we have to be prepared. An awareness for the context and settings of research and the subsequent application of results is vital. As more ECRs focus on research in these areas, understanding the differences in setting up, delivering and engaging with people in care homes, or in their own sitting rooms is important. We hope the panel in this weeks podcast can help.

In the chair we have Megan Calvert-O’Hare from University College London and this week she is joined by Dr Catherine Quinn from the University of Exeter, Suzanne Hill from Bradford University and Charlotte Stoner also from UCL.


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