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Resetting Brain Rhythms Gives Working Memory a Brief Boost

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Groups of neurons fire in sync with each other across the brain when it performs a task; however, with age, they fall out of step. In the April 8 Nature Neuroscience, Robert Reinhart and John Nguyen of Boston University reported that out-of-sync circuits explained a decline in working memory with age. What’s more, delivering a precisely tuned, very mild electrical current through the scalp restored neural synchrony and working memory performance—at least for an hour. How long the benefits might last, or whether they could extend to people with AD, remain to be tested. The story was widely reported in the media, including the home page of The New York Times.

To read the full review on Alz Forum visit: https://www.alzforum.org/news/research-news/resetting-brain-rhythms-gives-working-memory-brief-boost

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