Social Media Research with Digital Methods

From the National Centre for Research Methods

In this Video, Richard Rogers from the National Centre for Research Methods talks about several techniques to study social media platforms. These techniques, broadly known as digital methods, are tool based but also research question-based. This video gives insight into the kinds of research questions typically posed in digital methods, techniques used, outcomes, and how productive these methods can be.
  • 0:00 Intro
  • 3:14 Structure of the talk
  • 3:41 Twitter
  • 10:13 Facebook
  • 18:28 Google Web Search
  • 24:23 Instagram
  • 33:30 Youtube
  • 40:24 Reddit
  • 43:20 4Chan
  • 46:33 Telegram
  • 51:29 TikTok
  • 56:10 Summary

The National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) was established by ESRC in 2004 and was originally coordinated from the University of Southampton. Since 2014 NCRM has been a partnership between three universities with international reputations in methodological research and training in the social sciences: University of Southampton, University of Manchester and University of Edinburgh. In January 2020 NCRM entered a new phase with an ESRC award for 5 years. The new phase focuses on delivering a comprehensive programme research methods training across the UK. This phase is still delivered by the Universities of Southampton, Manchester and Edinburgh but this partnership is significantly enhanced and expanded to include strategically selected Centre partner institutions who will deliver training locally to ensure geographical and subject expertise diversity. The nine institutions areUCL, NatCen, WISERD, Bristol, Exeter, Essex, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow.

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