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The Life Scientists’ Guide to Working Remotely

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Like many professions, life scientists are finding themselves in an unprecedented situation right now as the COVID-19 pandemic impacts scientific research around the world.

Many labs (like many other workplaces) have told their teams that they are closing for an unspecified amount of time. That means many life scientists are being asked – in some cases for the first time ever – to work remotely as ongoing research and experiments are suspended. Scientific conferences, which are a staple of many researchers’ careers, are also being cancelled all around the world.

Life science PhDs and postdoctoral researchers are now, with very little notice or preparation, finding new ways to continue their work and be productive to their institutions without having access to their labs and equipment.

So, how are they coping so far? We spoke to some members of our life science community in the UK, USA and Europe to find out what the impact on their research has been, how they’re planning on spending their time away from the lab productively, what they’ve learned from this global situation, and what words of advice and encouragement they have for fellow scientists around the world.

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