The Race Against Dementia Drug Discovery to Clinical Trial Project

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The Race Against Dementia Drug Discovery to Clinical Trial Project

Race Against Dementia (“RAD”) is delighted to announce its funding of the RAD Discovery Hub. The first spoke is The Race Against Dementia Drug Discovery to Clinical Trial Project – which is a joint research partnership between the University of Edinburgh and the Alzheimer Center, Amsterdam (the “Project”). The aim of the Project is to accelerate the discovery of new treatments for dementia and to test drug compounds against models of dementia, with a view to tracking promising targets towards clinical trials.

Sir Jackie Stewart OBE, the Chair of the Trustees of Race Against Dementia said: “I am so pleased that RAD is able to support this exciting Project between the University of Edinburgh and the Alzheimer Center, Amsterdam. RAD is a relatively young and small charity but the research we support is of huge importance across the world. Unless a cure for dementia is found, one in three people born today will die with the disease – a dreadful prospect for all families, like my own family, affected by the disease.

Our aim is to fund pioneering research into the prevention and cure of dementia through Projects like this one but also through supporting the RAD Fellowship Programme. We want to introduce the kind of problem-solving abilities seen in Fl into dementia research and catalyse change. I am very pleased that the Project will involve a number of early career researchers who will join the RAD team. We currently fund eleven RAD Fellows – all involved in different areas of research and RAD hopes to support more in the future. Working to fund a cure for dementia is one of the greatest challenges I have ever faced.”

Prof Siddharthan Chandran of University of Edinburgh said “We are very grateful to RAD for its forward-looking investment in this programme of research that brings together world-leading experts from Edinburgh and Amsterdam to discover, and then begin to test, potential new treatments for different types of dementia. This is a long journey, but it begins with catalytic investments, like this one, that are all about driving new approaches to tackling this most devastating of conditions.”

Prof Philip Scheltens of the Alzheimer Center, Amsterdam commented “I am extremely pleased that RAD has agreed to fund this outside the box project, which I am sure will advance drug development within the notoriously difficult field of neurodegeneration associated with dementia.

About Race Against Dementia (RAD)

Founded by three-time Formula world champion Sir Jackie Stewart OBE, in response to his wife, Helen’s, dementia diagnosis, Race Against Dementia (“RAD”) calls on us all to help combat the crisis of our generation.

Over 50 million people worldwide have dementia today with a new person diagnosed every three seconds. Race Against Dementia raises and allocates monies to research into a prevention or cure for dementia, and currently funds and supports eleven post-doctoral early career dementia researchers through the RAD

Fellowship Programme. RAD encourages collaboration with forward-thinking teams in Formula One, as well as other innovative organisations, to bring the dynamic attitude, dedication and agility of Grand Prix teamwork to drive results in dementia research.

Learn more about RAD and their Fellowships

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