Useful & interesting podcasts – June 2021

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Every month we ask Adam Smith to share his favourite podcasts, from science, careers (and sometimes something I just enjoy non-work related). Here are his recommendations for June 2021.

Every Monday, The Pint of Science Podcast team meets leading scientists in pubs around the country, gets a pint in, and talks to them about life, their universe, and everything. The podcast from the people that brought you the world class presentation series.

The Self-Compassionate Professor Podcast is intended to create a community that supports academics and former academics in finding career wellness. The podcast helps listeners tap into their inner wisdom as well as helps them to subvert the unhealthy messages embedded in larger work and university cultures (e.g., working too much, little self-care).

The Research Comms Podcast explores how should we communicate research in the digital age to ensure it has lasting, positive impact. Listen for regular conversations about research communication’s most pressing issues with top experts from around the world.

The Lonely Pipette is a podcast where scientists share tips to help you do better science. The episodes include conversations with researchers around the world. Renaud Pourpre and Jonathan Weitzman will talk to inspiring people to learn about their habits and recommendations for all scientists.

The Science Basement Podcast comes from a team of scientists based in Helsinki, they want to show you how cool science is! Listen to their semi-serious conversations with sci-guests. New episode every two weeks.

The Ageing Scientist Podcast comes from our regular staff blogger Dr Clarissa Giebel, discussing everything around ageing and science. What does it mean to age well? What is the latest research? And what affects people with dementia? Each mini-series will explore a different angle, with invited experts in the field (from scientists to clinicians, from service providers to decision makers, and most importantly, people sharing their own experiences of ageing).

 What are you listening to? Let us know and reply below

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