Alzheimer’s Disease International: Plan to Impact VI

The Alzheimer’s Disease International Report: Plan to Impact VI is now available

In addition to critically examining progress made under the Global Action Plan on dementia, which this report explores, you will also find:

  • Our urgent call for the World Health Organization (WHO) to extend the Global Action Plan to 2029 as a way of maintaining this vital international plan and instrument for governments
  • A country-by-country breakdown of where they are in the development and implementation of a national plan
  • Case studies showcasing how governments, organisations and communities are successfully implementing the seven action areas outlined in the Global Action Plan
  • Encouraging advancements in the global dementia field, including promising results from research, clinical trials and increased availability of information about dementia for the public
  • An analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare systems and its ongoing effects on dementia diagnosis and support

The early successes of ADI’s #WhatsYourPlan campaign, demonstrating how co-operation between governments and stakeholders can lead to meaningful policy change and further commitments to national plan development.

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