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Ask Your Mentor Podcast – Dr Josie Fullerton

With Alzheimer's Research UK

Ask Your Mentor, a new podcast from Dementia Researcher, in association with Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK). Mentees interviewing their mentors, talking careers, lessons learned and what they’ve discovered, that could help you forge a successful career in dementia research.

In this podcast PhD Student Alex Mellor from University of Plymouth interviews his mentor ⁠Dr Josie Fullerton⁠, Postdoctoral Research Associate from University of Glasgow.

Alex Mellor is a second year PhD candidate in the Fern lab at the University of Plymouth. He completed his masters at the Univeristy of Southampton, looking at spinal cord injury, before moving down to Plymouth to start his PhD looking at the link between chronic inflammation and ischaemic brain injury, particularly looking at the effects of inflammation on white matter.

Dr Josie Fullerton works on understanding the role of extracellular vesicles in stroke and hypertension. She is particularly passionate about the progression of Early Career Researchers, helping others to achieve their full potential and horse riding!

Find our more about ARUK and their mentoring programme.

Created as a video first podcast, but also available in your favourite podcast app.

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