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Communicating your research toolkit – The Health Foundation

Want to communicate your health research in a better way in 2018?

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The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK.

Their aim is a healthier population, supported by high quality health care that can be equitably accessed. They aim to learn what works to make people’s lives healthier and improve the health care system. From giving grants to those working at the front line to carrying out research and policy analysis, shining a light on how to make successful change happen.

Last year they produced a fantastic toolkit to support researchers to communicate about their research, and we think this is a fantastic resource that deserves another look.


Section 1: Planning for impact

This section will help you plan your communications activity and focus your communications on where they can make the most impact.

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Section 2: Communicating your research results

This section will help you adapt and present your findings in order to engage different audiences.

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Section 3: Extending influence and widening impact

This section will help you understand how to engage three of the key audiences for research dissemination and achieve impact on policy and practice.

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Section 4: Glossary of terms

This section provides an explanation of the terms used in this toolkit.

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The Health Foundation website is a treasure trove of support tools, publications and resources – take a look for yourself:



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