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Dementia Researcher has a WhatsApp Group

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New Community to help you connect – When we first consulted with Early Career Researchers to help us understand what you wanted from our website, we were told that you wanted a supportive community space. A place where you could converse with your peers, a safe place to ask questions and connect with other researchers from other institutions working in the same space.

Twitter is great, but we know that some discussions need to be in more than 280 characters, and you might not want to share in such a public forum. So we have created the Dementia Researcher WhatsApp Group Chat, just for you.

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We want to test the usefulness of this app as a community space for you and see how things develop. If successful, we can see creating a number of groups for different topics e.g. Your area of research, grant applications, help and support. In the meantime, we have a single group as a try out.

WhatsApp is available on your mobile phone and desktop, and you can click the link above, or scan the QR to join. When you arrive, make your first message an introduction, name, where you work, what you’re researching.

Interested in joining our Study Group / Focus Room?

With your camera on or off, you can join the zoom space to quietly work alongside colleagues, who are also there should you need a second opinion, need a quick chat or have a question.

Why bother? Some people find these kinds of rooms help them remain focussed on the task they need to complete, creating an environment that less full of distractions, whilst also allowing them to join in a way that suits them.

We are starting with three weekly sessions:

Saturday Mornings – 8.00 am to 12.00 noon (BST / GMT)

Sunday Evenings – 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm (BST / GMT)

Thursday Mornings – 8.00 am to 12.00 noon (BST / GMT)

You can join and leave at any time, so don’t worry if you are late, or the first to arrive and the room is empty.

These sessions have been set-up to automatically recure each week until Christmas 2022, when we will evaluate how often they are used and the timing of sessions.

Request Joining Link


If you are interested in studying outside of these scheduled time you could also try messaging in the study group whatsapp  community or try

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