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UK organisations holding grants from Horizon 2020, the European Union’s flagship programme for research and innovation, need to submit information about them into a UKRI portal designed to capture basic details about the grants.

This will ensure that UKRI can keep UK researchers and businesses informed of the next steps if the government needs to underwrite Horizon 2020 payments.

Holders of multiple grants can submit their details via a spreadsheet which can be requested in Excel or open source format, along with guidance to fill it in, by e mailing: EUGrantsFunding@ukri.org. The grants can also be entered one by one on the portal itself. UKRI have released a full Q and A on the portal (PDF, 208KB), together with the link to the portal.

The Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on the future relationship between the UK and EU were endorsed by leaders at a special meeting of the European Council on 25 November.

The intention is that, when ratified, the Withdrawal Agreement would allow for continued UK participation in Horizon 2020 until the closure of its activities.

As a responsible government, however, the UK Government is planning for all eventualities to ensure that cross-border collaboration in science and innovation can continue after EU exit.

The UK Government announced two years ago that it would underwrite UK funds for all EU-funded projects successfully bid for while the UK is a still a member of the EU.

In July 2018 an extension to that guarantee said that funding for UK participants successfully bid for from exit day until the end of 2020 would also be guaranteed by the UK government, in a no deal scenario.

In September the government announced that UKRI will deliver the UK government’s underwrite if it needs to come into effect. The request for details to be added to the portal is to ensure that UKRI has the correct information from grant recipients to keep them up to date.

Those in receipt of Horizon 2020 grants are asked to input their information into the system as soon as possible.

More detail on the portal including who from an organisation needs to fill it in, can be found in the UKRI’s Q and A on the portal (PDF, 208KB).

An overview of the UK’s relationship with Horizon 2020 is available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-participation-in-horizon-2020-uk-government-overview.

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