How to handle rejection in your professional life

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Stop SignI have received a lot of noes in my life. In elementary school, I wasn’t selected for the safety patrol team. In middle school, I was told I couldn’t take advanced math, even though my grades were excellent. At university, I was advised that I shouldn’t pursue degrees in both mathematics and anthropology. Over and over, I was informed that no, neinlanyet, I would not get the fellowship, opportunity, or experience I desired. Later, when I entered the professional world, I applied for jobs and was told no. As a freelance writer, I pitched stories to editors and was told no. I proposed ideas for collaboration, consultation, and even conversation, and was told no.

And yet, the noes haven’t held me back. Instead, they’ve served as an inspiration to me…. Read the rest of this post and discover how to change a negative into a positive here.

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