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Catch-up – Cancer care in people living with dementia, Claire Surr & Alys Griffiths

Hosted by Adam Smith

In this webinar Professor Claire Surr, Director of the Centre for Dementia Research & Dr Alys Griffiths, Research Fellow both from Leeds Beckett University present key findings from the CanDem study. Including the prevalence of comorbid cancer and dementia, the demographics of this group, the challenges of providing cancer care for people with dementia and their families, and practical steps for supporting people with dementia through cancer treatment as a professional or family member.

The CanDem study explored the cancer care needs and experiences of people living with cancer and dementia, through detailed data from primary care records, alongside observations and interviews with people with dementia, their families, and hospital staff.

This Midday Lecture Webinar was recorded on the 9th June 2020 and is brought to you by the NIHR Dementia Researcher Website, and hosted by Adam Smith, Programme Director at the Office of the NIHR National Director for Dementia Research, University College London

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