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NIHR Leadership Lab is a new career development initiative to support the aspirations of the research community who wish to enhance their leadership and management skills.

Comprising a suite of readily accessible online learning modules, the Leadership Lab is a core part of the NIHR’s commitment to developing research leadership and excellence and encouraging a more positive research culture. Well-led, expert research teams will be critical in overcoming future health challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic of the past year.

The flexible Leadership Lab modules allow the NIHR’s extensive community of researchers and research managers to access resources and support at a time and place convenient for them. The modules offer an interactive learning approach that encourages reflection throughout each topic and signposts learners to a wide range of additional resources and further reading. These include examples from health and social care in recognition of the contexts in which NIHR researchers work.

The first nine modules are now available, to develop learners’ understanding of techniques and attributes to help them navigate the challenges of leadership. Topics include collaborative working, creative problem solving, coaching skills for leaders and compassionate and inclusive leadership. Learners can also find guidance on how to build resilience, develop an effective network and enhance their own leadership brand.

The Leadership Lab suite of resources is coordinated by the NIHR Academy and is part of the NIHR Leaders Support and Development Programme.

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