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NIHR Race Equality Framework

From the NIHR

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NIHR Race Equality FrameworkThe NIHR is proud to publish our Race Equality Framework – a self-assessment tool to help organisations improve racial equality in public involvement in health and care research.

The framework has been trialled by sixteen research organisations including higher education, local government, the NHS and industry.

Foreword by Jeremy Taylor OBE

“I am delighted to introduce the Race Equality Framework, which has been co-produced by members of the Race Equality Public Action Group”

The Race Equality Public Action Group (REPAG) is supporting the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) to build our understanding and competence in the area of race equity, so that we become more inclusive in our relationships with the public. As Director for Public Voice, I am proud to act as sponsor to the Group.

We know that ethnicity and race have been shown to systematically influence health outcomes, socio-economic status and employment opportunities. Racial inequity continues to damage the lives and health of people who are from Black African-, Asian- and Caribbean-heritage communities; the same communities have also been disproportionately harmed by COVID-19.
Too few of the patients and public members who work with us are of Black African, Asian or Caribbean heritage. They need to have a stronger presence, voice and influence in shaping the health and care research agenda.

The REPAG is therefore focusing its attention on these communities in particular, while looking to generalise its learning across a wider group of diverse communities. The Race Equality Framework is a key part of the REPAG’s response to the inequities they experience.

I look forward to seeing the Framework discussed, applied and developed more widely over time, helping to create a fairer and more inclusive research culture.”

View the framework here.

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