Podcast – AAIC Day One

This is the first of our podcasts recorded on location at the Alzheimer Association International Conference (AAIC) in Chicago. Each day we will be bringing you news and information from our panellists who are all presenting and attending the world largest dementia conference.

Today’s podcast is hosted by our own programme lead Adam Smith, he is joined by Dr Aoife Kiely from the Alzheimer’s Society, Dr Jack Rivers-Auty from Manchester University and Riona McArdle a PhD student from Newcastle University.

The panel discuss their own presentations, the exuberant opening ceremony performance by the Chicago Boyz acrobatic team @ChicagoBoyzTeam, the fantastic research by Lennart Mucke from the Glasdstone institute on ‘Aberrant Network Activity in AD, and preclinical investigation to clinical trials’, and other presentations and posters that caught their eye (including some scepticism on beers value in preventing dementia, and ‘Plaque-Out’ a nutraceutical supplement drink claiming to reduce b-amaloid (yes that’s how they spelt it on their sign) plaque in up to 41% of patients.

Tune in again tomorrow for day two, and our next panel.


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