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Podcast – Getting A Fellowship

This weeks I have four early career researchers, who have all, very recently managed to successfully secure fellowships! It’s tough making post-doc applications, but with application deadlines for NIHR and ARUK looming, we thought this would be the perfect time to discuss (although maybe for the next round… if you take our panels advise).

Dr Lashini Mendis talks with Dr Chris Hardy, Dr Kirsty McAleese, Dr Marianne Coleman and Dr Jack Rivers-Auty. All work in different fields of dementia research, and all shared their advice, tips and experiences of getting a fellowship.

You can also read a blog we posted earlier this week on this topic, by Anna Volkmer – https://www.dementiaresearcher.nihr.ac.uk/guest-blog-looking-back-my-experiences-of-applying-for-my-fellowship/

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