Podcast – Using ‘Join Dementia Research’

In this podcast we discuss ‘Join Dementia Research’ the free to use, NIHR service run in the UK which supports Early Career Researchers to find participants both with and without #dementia for theirs studies. Talking about how is helps researchers, and the practicalities of using it.

Adam Smith is joined by Clare Shaw, Research Delivery Manager for Join Dementia Research, and two researchers who have used the service. Victoria Shepherd a Research Associate from Cardiff University and Anne-Marie Greenaway, also a research associate from the University of Reading.

A study published in the BMJ last year, showed that 44% of RCTs failed to meet their final volunteer recruitment targets, and at the same time the public is frustrated at not knowing how to get involved in studies. This is where Join Dementia Research helps.

To find out more about the service and how you can use Join Dementia Research visit:


To find out how you could play a part in promoting the service, and helping more people to become involved visit:


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